Haydon 67005 3' Heat Base 750 - Residencial Baseboard Heater for Hot Water (Complete Assemby)

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Slim and unobtrusive, the low profile Model 750’s BTU output is ideal for efficient, economical residential installations.* Standard 22 gauge front cover and optional heavy duty 18 gauge front cover (Model 758).

Enduring Comfort and Livability... Hallmarks of Haydon Systems.

Day-in, day out reliability, the kind that allows homeowners the freedom to forget about their heating system and simply enjoy “all the comforts of home” - without messy maintenance, irritating temperature fluctuations, aggravating noises and unwarranted costs – these are the reasons to choose Haydon hydronic heating systems.

By virtually every standard of comparison, hot water baseboard is the superior heating system. And Haydon is the superior manufacturer.

Precision manufactured components are incorporated into Haydon’s advanced design hydronic heating units – Heat Base 750, HI Output 958, Supr-heat 1000 and Slope-Top 1200 – providing the ultimate performance in...

COMFORT. Hot water baseboard systems generate naturally convected heat that rises gently, warming walls and blocking drafts, providing uniform heat throughout a home’s entire perimeter. By contrast, hot air ducted heat operates with surges of hot air that are warmer at the ceiling, cooler at floor level. Blown air stirs up dust, aggravates allergies, creates drafts.

SILENCE. Hot water baseboards operate smoothly, silently. With hot air, you constantly hear and feel “fan on, heat on, draft, fan off, heat off.”

EFFICIENCY AND VERSATILITY. Rooms with different temperature requirements are no problem with easily zoned, energy saving, thermostatically controlled hot water heat. Conversely, hot air ducted heat is difficult to zone, more expensive to install, easily unbalanced and needs adjusting every spring and fall when air conditioning is part of the system.

CONVENIENCE AND ECONOMY. A hot water system can supply unlimited hot water for showers, bath, laundry and kitchen, with higher boiler operating efficiency, virtual elimination of separate water heater costs... and it’s maintenance free.

FLEXIBILITY. Hot water heating gives you more options to expand the system – for swimming pools, hot tubs and whirlpools, driveway/walkway snow and ice melting – all are ways to increase the enjoyment and value of a home.

Few things are as sacred to Americans as the comfort and value of their homes. By scientific comparison, hot water baseboard is the Number One way to conduct heat. And Haydon is the quality hydronic baseboard system to choose.

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