KSD PPXHYD1/21000BRTRED Coil 1/2" x 1000' Radiant Pex Pipe

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Rifeng PEX systems provide a safe, economical and energy-efficient piping alternative for water distribution, radiant floor heating, municipal water supply,  geothermal climate control, snow melt and drip irrigation.

Rifeng PEX is chlorine-resisteant, corrosion-resistant, freeze-damage and abrasion-resistant. The excellent thermal properties of PEX are ideal for hot and cold water distribution.

Rifeng PEX tubing, fittings, valves, and manifolds are designed to be used as a complete system. The promise of quality is backed by Rifeng warranty, customer service expertise, specification and selection assistance.

Cross-Linked Polyethylene

Operating Limits
- 160 PSI @ 73º F (1.10 MPa @ 23º C)
- 100 PSI @ 180º F (0.59 MPa @ 82º C)
- 80 PSI @ 200º F (0.55 MPa @ 93º C)

Chlorinated Water:
- 80 PSI @ 140º F (0.55 MPa @ 60º C)
- The water temperature must be 140º (F 60º C) or lower and the water pressure must be 80 PSI (0.55 MPa) or lower.

Thermal Expansion:
- Heated water expands and must be accomodated within the plumbing system.
- Protection against increased water pressure from thermal expansion utilizing a pressure relief valve and expansion tank to keep pressure under the maximum of 80 PSI (0.55 MPa) must be incorporated in the system.

Rifeng PEX Pipe Offers Significant Advantages:
- Rifeng PEX is applicable and can be easily straightened after removel from the coil.
- Rifeng PEX has greater dimensional stability. The outside diameter dimensions of our tubes are heal to strict tolerances. This means a a better ft for you with no sliding of copper crimp rings on the tube.
- Rifeng PEX is of the best chlorine-resistant.
- Rifeng PEX is non-toxic and employs no toxic chemicals in the manufacturing process.
- Rifeng PEX will not leach taste or odor and keeps water clear and clean.
- Rifeng PEX requires fewer fittings than a traditional rigid plumbing system and is easier to install.

Use Pex Pipe
- In hot and cold water plumbing systems.
- In circulating hot water plumbing loops.
- In cold water service.
- In circulating heating applications suck as radiant slab heating systems.
- In snow melting in concrete and baseboard heating.

Do Not Use Pex Pipe
- In fire sprinkler applications.
- Where exposed to or stored indirect sunlight.
- In air conditioning systems with refrigerant.

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