Peerless Pavilion UT199DV-NG (GQ‐C3260WX‐FF PB US) Residential Condensing Gas Water Heater Natural Gas

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Peerless Pavilion UT199DV-NG Residential Condensing Gas Water Heater Natural Gas

Peerless Pavilion UT199DV-NG (GQ‐C3260WX‐FF PB US) Residential Condensing Gas Water Heater Natural Gas

The series UT™ – “Up-Top” – designated as such because all piping connections are at the top of the heater, allowing for easy replacement of old tank-type water heaters. An industry leading UEF of 0.97, the gas tankless heater produces up to 11.1 GPM and can be paired with an additional Series UT™ to double hot water production. Additionally, the Series UT™ features an 18-year limited warranty, 5-year parts warranty and offers venting options: 2” or 3” PVC/CPVC/PP, 2” Flex, or outdoors. The Series UT™ is available for both natural and LP gas.

Product Details:

Type: Tankless Water Heater

Construction: High Grade Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger

Fuel: Gas-Fired (Natural or LP)

Flow Rates: up to 11.1 GPM

Venting: 2” or 3” PVC/CPVC/PP, 2” Flex, or Outdoors


All product installation manuals and technical literature is intended solely for professional installers and any installation or maintenance techniques described in any of this literature should not be attempted by homeowners. Always contact a professional for installation, maintenance and service.

   Catalog Literature – Pavilion™ Series UT™   (719.77K)
   Installation Notes – Pavilion™ Series PR™, Series UT™   (2.98M)
   IO&M Manual – Pavilion™ Series UT™   (8.63M)
   IO&M Manual – Pavilion™ Series UT™ (French Translation)   (7.19M)
   Parts Breakdown/List – Pavilion™ Series UT™   (1.34M)
   Product Image – Pavilion™ Series UT™   (383.77K)
   Service Manual – Pavilion™ Series PR™/Series UT™   (43.63M)
   Spec Sheet – Pavilion™ Series UT™   (317.87K)
   Tech Data Sheet – Pavilion™ Series UT™   (4.05M)
   User’s Manual/Owner’s Guide – Pavilion™ Series UT™   (4.76M)
   User’s Manual/Owner’s Guide – Pavilion™ Series UT™ (French Translation)   (4.37M)
   Warranty – Pavilion™ Series UT™   (40.92K)
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